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Bitcoin price analysis

bitcoin price analysis

As the result of an increased interest from the investors and new users flocking into the crypto-space, the price of bitcoin skyrocketed. We will also plot Fibonacci retracements spanning between the low recorded on October 10th, 2017 (4,715) and the high recorded on January 20th, 2018 (13,017).We can note the following: After dropping below the.4 Fibonacci retracement (6,674.30) recording. Even though the resistance level around 10,941.70 was breached successfully on Monday, bitcoin price dropped again below this level during Wednesdays early trading sessions. Candlesticks are now near the 100 period SMA (red curve which most probably resisted further rise in bitcoin price and led to the formation of the bearish engulfing candlestick pattern we mentioned earlier. During last week, bitcoin price rose above the 50 period SMA, and the 100 period SMA, which reflects that the bullish wave is getting stronger. There is a lot of talk out there about setting a new 2019 low. Currently we are looking bearish on the macd with the markets appearing to struggle holding onto its current position. This represents a bullish reversal pattern that signaled the start of an upwards price correction attempt. The price traded towards the 10,000 level, and formed a low at 10,035.

Bitcoin, price - Live Chart, BTC Forecast, News Trading

But almost daily now I am being contacted by blatant crypto scammers. However, it looks as if we will now be channeling in this zone until we can break out above 4000 again. The macd indicator is also exhibiting a bearish signal. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible. During the mentioned correction, there was a break below a short-term connecting bullish trend line at 11,600. Bitcoin Price Analysis for 2 April, 2019 The markets are buzzing this morning. About : Sergey Vasin is the COO of Blackmoon, bitcoin price analysis a Fintech blockchain-based company that raised 30 million during its ICO on September 12th. Bid/Ask: 7,368.1 / 7,368.2, day's Range: 7,051.0 - 7,475.0, start trading NOW.

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We can note the following: Bitcoin price is currently testing the support level around the.2 Fibonacci retracement (9,563.40). BTC drops below 10k amid course correction and regulation fears, Jan 17, 2018 Bitcoin (BTC) lead a mass cryptocurrency retreat early Wednesday, dropping below 10,000 for the first time since November 30, 2017. BTC / Bitcoin Price Analysis, 20 December 2018 Our Bull Rally continues to push on! Moving Averages:Buy, buy (8 sell (4 technical Indicators:Strong Buy, buy (7). We expect to see bitcoin price start rising again towards the.8 Fibonacci retracement (8,796.10) within the next few days. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this week plays out, and where it closes. We also had a significant decrease in volume. We also saw a bull push this morning that bounced off that now 3900 pressure/support line. This reflects that the bearish wave is still strong and will continue on pulling bitcoin price to even lower levels during the upcoming week. However, on Monday, price started falling and dropped below this important moving average, which signaled the beginning of a new bearish wave that pulled price downwards to 10,0071, at the time of writing of this analysis.

The 1 day chart is confirming the bullish signals we obtained from the 4 hour chart, as bitcoin price is above the levels of the 50 period SMA and the 100 period SMA. Volume is down and we have seen two bear/bull spikes this morning, setting a 24H low of 3530.39 at 02:00 AM PST, and a 24H high of 3633.00 at 08:00 AM PST this morning on Binance. The last upside wave stalled near the channel resistance at 12,180. A look at the bitcoin price charts Here were looking at the 30M, 4H, daily, and weekly 04/01/19 and 04/02/19 BTC / bitcoin price charts, using macd, MA, RSI, and Stochastic RSI Indicators with trend, support/pressure, and Fibonacci lines. During the past couple of weeks, bitcoin price was below the 50 period SMA, which reflects the strength of the markets bears. Price has successfully soared above 8,000, after a day high of 7,880 was recorded during Tuesdays trading sessions. Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Analysis, Ethereum made a good push over the last few days and since 01/01/19 has regained its second place footing based on market cap. This bullish engulfing pattern represents a significant bullish reversal signal, especially that bitcoin price analysis it was proceeded by seven ( four) consecutive bearish candlesticks. Finally, were looking back at the daily 12/21/18 BTC / bitcoin chart @ 06:37 AM PST. Updated June 12, 2018 at 9:06 UTC. Volume has surged this morning and we are currently looking at a retracement from that 3500 test so far for this morning. This is likely to occur when bitcoin price drops down to test the support level around 9,563.40, which corresponds to the.2 Fibonacci retracement. Below 10,000, the price could face a sustained bearish pressure.

bitcoin price analysis

Another dip below this level occurred a few hours ago, but the markets bulls attempted to push price above it less than two hours later. Also, candlesticks are now closer to the middle Bollinger band. This is also confirmed by the Stochastic oscillator which dipped below the oscillators crucial level of 20 on Tuesday, denoting that bitcoin was oversold back then. Im also looking forward to what the markets have in store for. The new year is almost here Im looking forward to the new year, and the action the markets will bring us! You must remain calm, and tread carefully. A formation of a bullish candle on the 1 day chart, after Fridays trading sessions are over, shall signal the start of a new bullish wave. Bitcoin Price Analysis, Looking at the charts this morning, volume increased, and we caught a little bull spike above 3800 on Binance, setting a new 24H high of 3839.63 and 24H low of 3642. Based on the weekly charts and as stated in previous posts. Apart from technical analysis of the charts, observers believe that this downwards trend is mostly catalyzed by South Koreas possible ban of all cryptocurrency exchanges, as recently bitcoin price analysis announced by the South Korean Ministry of Justice.

Analysis, bTC / USD: Correction

At times like these its important for everyone, but especially for those that have bought into many of the various alts at higher levels, to remain calm and collect. Ask yourself one thing here: If they are really posting these kinds of returns why would they need your money? Mostly, bitcoin price bitcoin price analysis will continue rising towards the.8 Fibonacci retracement (8,796.10) during the next 48 hours, which will resist further advancement towards the North. This means that we are most likely going to witness an even steeper rise in bitcoin price during the next 24-48 hours. An upwards trend is now observable on the RSI, so there is a divergence from the downtrend of the chart of the btcusd pair. Set and follow the rules.

All of the charting and price action were talking about here is on Binance. As such, the new bullish wave is gaining momentum, and chances are high that bitcoin price will continue on rising towards the next resistance level around the.8 Fibonacci retracement, which corresponds to the 8,796.10 price level within the next 48 hours. As such, we can expect the 8,600 price level to act as a support level that will somehow prevent further price drop during the upcoming week. As shown on the above chart, price started dropping after reaching the days high of 13,017. Now, lets examine the 4 hour btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 50 period SMA, the 100 period SMA, and the Bollinger Bands indicator, as shown on the below chart. The three SMAs are sloping in a downwards direction, and the gap between them is significantly wide. Bitcoin price analysis We had a major dip last night setting a new 24H low of 3707.07 just now on Binance that correlated with that fake bull rally on 01/06. Chart from Bitfinex, hosted on m Bitcoin price analysis - rising steadily Bitcoin price has been soaring steadily during the past 48 hours, scoring a high of 11,660 during Tuesdays early sessions. We can note the following: The resistance around the.6 Fibonacci retracement (10,413.60) was successfully breached during Tuesdays trading sessions. Also, candlesticks are currently heading towards the upper Bollinger band. Also, as the bitcoin price has risen above the 50 period SMA, and the 100 period SMA, continuation of the new bullish wave is very likely.

The red SMA (teeth) is above the blue SMA (jaw and both of them are below the green SMA (jaw). Moreover, the market seems somehow overbought at the moment, as candlesticks on the 1 hour chart are tangential to bitcoin price analysis the upper Bollinger Band. The relatively long downwards shadows of candlesticks around the.4 Fibonacci retracement reflects the relative strength of support around this level. Note that this represents a similar scenario to what happened on February 9th, as also bitcoin price overshot temporarily below the.6 Fib. We can note the following: Since February 6th, higher highs and higher lows are being recorded, so we can now plot an ascending channel (the two parallel upwards sloping blue lines on the above chart). Bitcoin price analysis Last night we had a significant drop at 10:00 PM PST, setting a new 2019 low of 3405 on Binance.

Bitcoin, bTC, price, chart Technical, analysis

This is usually referred to as a golden cross and is another signal pointing to a strengthening upwards trend. The macd will mostly move into the positive territory within the next 24 hours, which will signal a more prominent bullish momentum. Bitcoin price is currently above the 50 period SMA, as well as the 100 period SMA. The 2 parallel blue trend lines represent an ascending channel through which bitcoin price has been moving during the past couple of weeks. Or, shall we expect the market to plummet below this support level? Trading requires experience, full-time commitment, and is associated with trading costs that eat into the profit. During the past 24 hours, the price of bitcoin has increased by around 25, after Wednesdays low was recorded. As Marc Andreessen suggested, strong opinions should be weakly held.

The market seems indecisive at this point and volatility is very high. Its value is in the negative territory, and the red signal line has bitcoin price analysis crossed above the blue macd line. Bitcoin price charts Here were looking at the 1H 30M 12/31/18 BTC / bitcoin charts at 05:40, 05:41, 09:21, and 09:23 AM PST: Lastly were looking at the 6H, 12H, daily, weekly and monthly 12/31/18 BTC / bitcoin price. Will bitcoin price rise again to test the resistance around the.8 Fibonacci retracement during the upcoming week? So, will the current downwards trend be reversed soon?

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Just like bitcoin price gained a few thousand USD in less than a month late in 2017, the drop can also occur rapidly. This looks like a strong test and could be a potential pump and dump! Next after that is the 2017 low of 2817 on Binance. Now, that the price has exceeded 11,000, the next significant resistance level lies around 13,087.30, or the.2 Fibonacci retracement. Bitcoin price has successfully breached the.8 Fibonacci retracement (horizontal blue line on the above chart which corresponds to 8,796.10. I wish you all great success in your endeavors in 2019! For us, breaking out and holding above 6k would signal the beginning of the bull reversal. It is highly likely that the price will continue on rising so that candlesticks begin forming near the middle Bollinger band, where the market would be more stable. At the time of writing, the RSI remains in bearish territory and has begun to flatten, while the Stoch has started a descent from overbought territory.

Analysis : BTC/USDs 2018 Decline Is Far From Over

We still have extremely tight lines on the macd on the daily. This also represents another signal confirming the upcoming bullish wave. We can note the following: The upwards price correction attempt started after candlesticks touched the lower Bollinger band (bitcoin was oversold and it started to slow down when it approached the resistance around the.6 Fibonacci retracement (8,717). BTC just set a new 24H low of 3703.57 with the high at 3800, and ETH set a 24H low of 143.11 and the High of 154.80 on Binance. We may be in the bear zone, but one thing is certain. Afterwards, we can expect bitcoin price to continue rising towards 8,866 (50 Fibonacci retracement) during the upcoming week. Now, lets examine the 1 day btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 50 period SMA, the 100 period SMA, and the macd indicator, as shown on the below chart. We are looking over-bought on the RSI on the shorter time frames. Looking forward to seeing what next week brings us including Santa With that being said. Its looking like it is winding up to test these support/resistance levels again. Bitcoin price to resume uptrend? A new upwards trend line (blue line on the above chart) can now be spotted on the 1 hour chart, following the price dip below the 50 Fib. Conclusion: Bitcoin price gained around 10 during last weeks trading sessions, reaching around 8,800 early during Sunday.

The market currently exhibits high levels of volatility. This 3800 level on Binance is a strong support/pressure zone. However, the markets bears have been having the upper hand throughout Wednesdays trading sessions so far, pulling bitcoin price to test the.6 Fibonacci retracement at the time of writing of this analysis. The macd indicator is in the negative territory and is sloping in a downwards direction. The.2 fib retracement of the most recent drop is 7,052. Ethereum has been channeling between the 138-150 level this week as well, waiting for a break out that holds above or below the support/pressure zones. Like Liqui shutting down due to not enough liquidity. There is a lot of resistance to break through on this push to break above. As such, even if a downwards price correction attempt becomes evident during the upcoming few days, the markets bulls will take the upper hand again soon and will push bitcoin price upwards to attempt testing the resistance around 13,087.30 before the current week is over. The poll did not point out when those polled bought in, though it is likely that they were recent purchasers. . Bitcoin price was supported near the 50 Fibonacci retracement (10,563 as it began rising shortly after falling temporarily below this significant support level. Chances are high that we can see bitcoin price test the resistance around the 50 Fibonacci retracement (10,941.60) before the end of the current week. Right now its looking like a bull bear tug of war!

We saw a big bull push to the new 2019 BTC high of 5600 that ultimately fell back down to a low of 5333.35 on Binance yesterday. The views expressed are of the author. In looking at the weekly bitcoin price chart here, were coming up into the tip of the pyramid and its getting tighter. The bear markets won the tug of war this last 24H! Weekly bitcoin price analysis Bulls taking up the reins, Jan 15, 2018 The bitcoin market witnessed a bearish trend throughout the past week, as prices dropped from around 15,900 to 13,100 during the weeks trading sessions, recording.6 drop. If youre going to either of these events, hit. Will the bear market continue into the new year? The price rose again above this level within less than eight hours, after the weeks low had been recorded. You dont want to let the fomo get you here. I highly recommend to any of you out there to take advantage of these events when they present themselves! We can note the following: To identify the next resistance level above the level of 11,788, we will extend Fibonacci retracements between a low of 6,043.70 and a high of 17,252. Right now, the Stochastic oscillator is sloping in an upward direction, which is in favor of a bullish market movement. More importantly I am blessed to call them friends and colleagues!

Bitcoin (BTC) price, charts, rating, news, and analysis

The blue macd line has crossed above the red signal line. Volume has dipped a bit, but price action is still holding consistent. We could also see some channeling between those support/pressure zones until another breakout occurs above or below those levels. Repetitive cycles are evident, as shown by the green and red arrows on the above chart. Conclusion: Bitcoin price fell below the.8 Fibonacci retracement to record a low of 7,960 on Friday. As such, bitcoin price may bounce off this level starting a short upwards price correction attempt, before the markets bears take the upper hand again. The bullish momentum failed to continue on controlling the market and the markets bears have been having the upper hand during the trading sessions of the past eight days. It seems that the same scenario is likely to take place during todays later trading sessions too, so even if bitcoin price rises near 9,453.10, the markets bulls wont be able to breach this resistance level which will reverse the current upwards price correction attempt. As noted on the chart, there is a line of intersection between the upper Bollinger band and the.8 Fibonacci retracement (horizontal blue line which denotes that this resistance level will likely prevent further rise above this critical price level. After a drop below the 5,060 support, bitcoin price found bitcoin price analysis a decent buying interest near the 4,860 level against the US Dollar. On the 1H 12H time frames RSI is above the 90 level, with it being above the 70 level on the 30M and just about at the 50 level on the Weekly.

A bullish engulfing candlestick pattern is currently forming (the second bullish candlestick didnt close yet) signaling reversal of the downtrend that overwhelmed the market for around 16 hours. Dipping below the 100 period SMA on the 1 day btcusd chart: Lets examine the 1 day btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 50 period SMA, the 100 period SMA, and the macd indicator, as shown on the below chart. Bitcoin price analysis, Were still seeing a slight retracement from yesterdays high of 4027.21 holding slightly above 3900 on Binance. The macd indicator is sloping in an upwards direction, and the blue macd line has just crossed above the red signal line. Bitcoin price analysis - rising towards 10,000 Bitcoin price surged during Saturdays trading sessions to record a high of 9,075. After this candlestick pattern had been formed, the markets bulls managed to break through the resistance level around the.8 Fibonacci retracement (7,886.40). The red signal line has also crossed above the blue macd line. Key Findings: The current price action is bearish with supports on the downside at 9,960 and 9,250.

Analysis : Understanding the BTC-USD

Then rumors of an out-and-out ban were quashed. Conclusion: Bitcoin price soared to a high of 8,488 during Wednesdays trading sessions. Chart from Bitfinex, hosted on m Bitcoin price analysis - Elliott's 8 wave cycle completed Bitcoin price soared to a high of 11,700, during Mondays trading sessions, which is only 88 less than the target resistance level we expected. This resistance level is now weaker than it bitcoin price analysis was four days ago, so the price will most probably break through it and consolidate above it the next time it is tested. For those who do use a credit card, make sure its in manageable amounts and that you are able to cover the cost with next months bill. This is evidenced by the wide price range of the 2 hour candlesticks on the chart. Or can we see the bitcoin price drop again towards the 50 Fibonacci retracement (which corresponds to the 10,941.80 price level)? New Elliott wave cycle building up on the 4 hour btcusd chart: Lets study the 4 hour btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 50 period SMA (green curve the 100 period SMA (red curve and the macd indicator. The btcusd pair has been recording higher highs during most of the 4 hour trading sessions, and a new uptrend line is now obvious on the 4 hour chart. The bitcoin price has been moving sideways during most of the trading sessions on Thursday and Friday. Be careful out there guys!

The RSI is slightly above the 50 level on the daily, with it slightly under the 70 level on the 2H, 4H, and 6H charts on Binance. Key factors driving down prices include an avalanche of news out of South Korea. I just wanted to take a moment to Wish ALL of You and Your Families, Safe Happy Holidays a Prosperous New Year! Even with the obvious bitcoin price manipulation going on, this test is at a crucial point. There is a lot of FUD out there.

Analysis : How low can Bitcoin go?

So, only a temporary price overshoot above resistance took place. We can note the following: Wednesdays trading led to the formation of a hammer candlestick pattern on the one-day btcusd chart. As per our technical analysis, we expect to see an upwards price correction attempt push bitcoin price near 8,655 early during the current week. Its value is in the positive territory. Conclusion: Bitcoin price took a nosedive recording bitcoin price analysis a low of 10,400 during Wednesdays trading sessions. OTC scams, mining scams, high ROI scams, ICO Scams, IEO Scams, exchange scams. The two corrective waves of the Elliot wave sequence both began building up when candlesticks started touching the upper Bollinger band, yet throughout the whole sequence candlesticks didnt go below the level of the middle Bollinger band. The SMAs of the Williams Alligator indicator have realigned to exhibit a bullish signal, as the red SMA (teeth) is now between the blue SMA (jaw) below and the green SMA (lips) above. Volume has decreased significantly, and we continue to have tight macd bands and RSI is holding at the 50 level. Conclusion: Bitcoin price continued rising reaching a high of 9,826 earlier on Thursday. On the other hand, the support level around the.4 Fibonacci retracement (6,674.30) is about to be tested as shown on the above chart, and will most probably be breached during the upcoming week. Theyre everywhere and so blatant.

However, could this data help spur the change needed to stabilize the market? Btcusd must stay above 11,000 to avoid a trend change. Clearly, the 11,000 resistance zone holds a lot of importance. Beware FUD We just had a new 24H high bitcoin price set at 3658 with a rejection and retracement. Bitcoin price dropped from an opening price of 8,521 at the beginning of last week, to 6,686 at the time of writing of this analysis. We buy and sell it for profit. Also it remains to be seen bitcoin price analysis if Cryptopia will ever come back online after being hacked and losing approximately 16 Million in ethereum and ERC-20 tokens on Jan 14th. The markets bulls are getting stronger, especially that the resistance around the.8 Fibonacci retracement (8,796.10) has been successfully breached. Were currently seeing more of a dip right now setting a low this morning of 5195.89 with a slight retracement trying to hold in the mid 5200s. Digital currencies arent going anywhere and these are exciting times, and markets. The price dropped to about 9,800 just before 10:30 GMT. Eight-out-of-nine people surveyed worried about their interest plan to pay it back.