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Vsa forex trading mentorship course

vsa forex trading mentorship course

A friend was telling me about one of his friends who was doing day trading and it sounded interesting. It has had a very positive effect on my brokerage account in a short amount of time. (xmas holidays came in) second week I worked with real money 53 pts, third week withe real money 62 pts trading only 4 contracts with the signals you gave. I lacked the necessary skills and more importantly knowledge to interpret what was in my charts right in front of me every day. May 2010 Ace's commentary during trading sessions and class sessions keeps me alert and in a positive frame of mind Dear Ace, A long time and successful trader asked me if I would like to know where. Peter -2014, you offer a service that I believe is better than anything out there and yet you remain approachable and caring. With your Ace Trades my profit curve is improving each week. George M -April 2014 I have been in your class for 3 days and have learned more than in the previous 3 years Ace. Identifying No Demand after Weakness has appeared. Email signal alerts are now available from the Charting Package. No other course does that! .

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Now after being a member for 3 months I am a much more confident and profitable trader with support during class every day. I will be looking for great signals and more class time. He is absolutely the best. Your Ace Trades System is awesome. I have been an active trader for a few years. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you and the Ace Trades system. I have never achieved as much consistency as I have with Ace. 2014 "I am more and more impressed." Ace. In my first four months. The training is excellent - no wasted time, just meat and potatoes. October 2010 Daily class time reinforces the various Keys so that I can spot them under the pressure of live trading Dear Ace, I am a new trader (approx.

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Good calls- I was trading the ETFs. You will learn to trade and catch moves everyday with actual mentorship. Keep up the good work and thanks for your willingness to share. I AM glaound ACE trades! Larry S -June 2009 What I love about your course is that I am now able to pick the high or low of the day myself Hi Ace, Just wanted to thank you very much. You offer a service that I believe is better than anything out there and yet you remain approachable and caring. I feel now I'm finally on the right track to success. What you teach lights me on a way to trade that I wanted to explore for a long time. That is the only way I can describe this experience. The live comments plus class time for members is superb. I like knowing when to enter and when to exit a trade and needing only small stops.

vsa forex trading mentorship course

Every day (well, maybe 1 - 2 days/month is an exception so 99 of the days the SP is treating me kindly, vsa forex trading mentorship course I am forever grateful to you for your priceless teachings, that's why I don't even. In two classes I was able to read the market better than I have ever before. Day in and day out I can still depend on the signals. Bag-Holding - strong set up explained. Indeed, prosperity is there for everyone to lay hold of, with your Ace Trades System, of course.

I was flooded with data tools that quite frankly, took a couple of weeks to digest. 2012 Best of all your system is often right on the money Hi Ace, I just wanted to tell you that I love the simplicity of your trading; enjoy your humor and easy going, respectful manner;. There was a time when I thought volume was the main indicator of what was going to happen. Get on board and ride the Ace train. In that time period, I have reviewed many trading programs, attended numerous seminars, bought countless books, and hired several mentors; only to experience limited success. Ace makes the class easy to understand and his live signals every day are outstanding. I know I am in the right place now. Your devoted student, Lawrence. At first it was rather unnerving but it really works! My charts are clean and I just had another great day - and it's still before lunch. With the accuracy of your entries and, crucially, your very tight stop losses and money management, I found I was able to trade in a confident and relaxed manner - a new experience for. Ian -November 2009 I can trade this program successfully on my own Hi Ace, Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you.

vsa forex trading mentorship course

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It's a very nice fit! Keep it simple stupid (kiss) and follow your keys, and success will find its' way to you. I wanted to just express my amazement at the way you are able to trade the market from the price, and chart. Not on my weekend! Thanks, John W -January 2010 I know within minutes whether the trade will go my way Your approach is superb in it's simplicity. Trading Plan Examples, module 6 - The 6 Key Principles of Charting. Thanks for all your help. His methods seemed quite complex and a little difficult to grasp for a novice like me but as I have learned further about them vsa forex trading mentorship course in class, I am amazed at the detail and pin point accuracy of his calls. I knew after the first day in Ace's room that I was hooked, but waited for the 3 day trial to end.

vsa forex trading mentorship course

And vsa forex trading mentorship course intraday trading compresses the time scale, so patterns unfold much faster giving almost immediate feedback. Now you have clarified the mess I was in previously, but totally and unaware of because of all the distractions I was complicating it with. It only took me 2 days of previewing your live trading room to understand the Ace Trades System is the real deal. Not all the rooms I've tried were bad, but Ace your room has got all the best qualities in aces. So I spent 3 days on Ace's free trail and WOW I was impressed. After trying several indicators to help clarify the direction of the market, I have come to realize that the simplest and purest way to follow the market is by observing price action, which is exactly what your course and method of trading is all about. With all of that I still wasn't profiting the way I felt I should be with the effort I Was putting forth into my trading. Gary C -January 2006 Anyone who takes the time to learn your way of reading the market will be rewarded far beyond their expectations Ace, your view of the markets makes the chaos look so simple and clear. It took me about 3 weeks to understand the keys so I could trade on my own. I can't thank you enough for what you have taught.

vsa forex trading mentorship course

I just wish I had found you much earlier, but I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much, lol. Utilizing only price action and market structure, the approach is systematic, easy to understand, and incredibly effective. So I guess I'll leave the "adrenaline rush and buzz of trading" to all the newbies and rather trade professionally, just like you taught me, predictably and with NO nervous tension at all! That saves thousands right there! . Yours faithfully and forever grateful student, Lawrence. I have personally traded your methodology on SIM for about 6 weeks now and have had only one losing day (with minus 3 points, which is very acceptable to me) And to people still considering whether. One short month in your Trading Room, not only I've witnessed you calling out live trades, many with 5 points, 10 points, even with 20 points winners and your stop-loss are very small. Valerie -May 2010 When you told me to get rid of all the indicators I had and just use clean charts I thought you were nuts Hi Ace, Just wanted to drop you a line and tell. I am therefore pleased to recommend this course to anyone who is serious about learning to trade. I wouldn't have it any other way- I will never ever trade any other way, because what I've learned from you might not give me a daily adrenaline rush and palpitations (like I used to get before. An actual business plan that outlines risk management in an easy to understand format!

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Hi Ace, I too look forward to a long-term relationship with you as well the continued learning I am receiving from the ep up the great work! It was always easy to enter the trade but hard to stay with a winning trade. I am 69 years old and trying to retire soon, which I feel will now be reachable working with Ace. March 2014 You have clarified the mess I was in previously Hi Ace, Just a big thank you for going over and over with your information so I and other members listening finally hear and learn how to read markets with more clarity. . The ongoing training and support and live market calls are second to none. It took me a week or two to understand was Ace does and learn his keys, but it has taken 6 months to unlearn the many "rules" telling me not to take vsa forex trading mentorship course one of his trades. Your Humble Student, V MacAllister - May 2014 For the first time in a long time, feel that I will be a very successful trader Hi Ace, I wanted to send you a short email regarding my experience with Ace Trades so far. Your live commentary is excellent and very helpful to open and close trades. Identifying Congestion and no trade set ups. Ace Trades System also teaches us multi-lots traders, like myself, to take partial profits early. . How to identify and trade Market Tops and Market Bottoms Module 7 - Trading Tips 10 Reasons why many retail traders lose money Trade Management techniques Using Support Resistance Trading using Multiple Time frames The Psychology of Trading.

For the first time in my trading career, I am now profitable. The last room I entered was Ace Trades and when Ace challenged me, just like he challenges all those that may came across a little or very skeptical, I could smile, because I was for the first and only time, one step ahead. I look forward to many years with you and would say to anyone who is serious about trading to look at you and the way you teach and trade and look no farther. After only two days the "Keys" are already easy to spot. Great system, very powerful limo. The Ace of hearts in the logo is no doubt fitting, considering how important a system like this can be to traders, considering the role of the heart in animal life.

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Thanks to your explanations, I am now starting to "get it" and look forward to learning all of the keys and becoming a consistent winner in the markets. I am amazed at how you can take 3 to 10 or 15 points per contract out of the market with only a 3/4 point risk, truly amazing. You action helps me vsa forex trading mentorship course do more. You have shown me that price targets do exist and how to stay in the trade to the signals full potential. I was skeptical at first when you told us to throw away the indicators. I am finding that with trading, as with my wife and teenage kids, that the "more is better" approach is not always the solution. I look forward to trading this system for many years with nice deposits in my bank account. Your twice-weekly class sessions have really opened my eyes to aspects of the market that I had never considered. I still have a lot to learn but I am sold on the Ace method of calling the market. The objective of your keys, their efficiency convinced me, I use them as much as possible on the S P and Forex, their understanding is simple, their implementation a little more subtle for. -March 2014 "If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it will enough" Albert Einstein once said "If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it will enough".

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When that happened, it was by pure luck, and he usually doubled down on the contracts, trying to hit the Grand Slam. . Low risk, High probability in the 90 is very good odds. Ace has been very patient in helping me understand those things I did not understand as well as explaining his tools. This system works on any market and any market condition and will suit any trading style. These methods are demonstrated and traded daily in live markets which help to reinforce the methodology and invariably lead to profitable trades within first two hours. My goal was to make 800 points; I exceeded that expectation and made 2000 points in less than one year. While I have had some successes, it has never been consistent. I wish I found you five years ago so I didn't have so much junk to clean. Thanks to your help, I can look forward to a secure retirement. On some occasion, you have called out a ONE tick stop-loss. .

(Still had 69 marked from the other day) another 6 or 8 months I'll be a believer lol Greg. I really like the large targets and small stops. He gave me the name of Ace Trades and I went online to check it out. Hi Ace, I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for your mentorship. Thank you so much for sharing your system with those who are willing and able to profit from your generosity. It is difficult to break old habits, so I have at times not taken all the trades setup by Ace Trades.

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It is like a breath of fresh air, finally a program that really helps you conquer the market movements. There simply is nothing else out there that comes close. I have no doubt that Ace trades will cure me of being a losing trader and put me on the path to success. Your system calls are spot on with a very high win percentage and large gains. Your Ace Trades System delivers day after day with at least 5 points each day. This method works with any market where there is movement, its not Magic its right vsa forex trading mentorship course in front of you when you know what you are looking for. It will probably be the best investment you will ever make. I am now perfectly capable of generating my own signals with success which I do as I am 13 hours ahead of North America. For more than ten years, I have been trading Stocks and Commodities. I much prefer the Ace Trades way of getting in at the turns and riding them for much bigger gains.

The package plugs into any one of the following platforms: Getting Started Course, module 1 - The Basics, introduction into how the markets work. Once I got on board with Ace's methodology, I was quickly able to put it to work. Anytime a potential purchaser would like a reference, please feel free to send them my way. Russell -Feb 2010 Your method identifies a move way before any lagging indicator does Ace, I have been using your method for a month now, and already I am able to see the market set up in advance where it is likely. Your timing and pricing is uncanny. I know of no other program that allows me to stay in the room, take training, receive calls all at a one time charge. It is so powerful in its simplicity. After seven months as a member, I can't believe I use to trade without the Ace Trades system. I have to say you make it seem simple, and it makes money.

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Garry S -March 2007 I prefer to know what the market is going to do, not let an indicator tell me after the fact Ace, I can't tell you how much your teaching has helped me win in the futures market everyday. I will more fully use your system each week, and expect my profits grow even more. I am still learning something new every day. The new skills I have learned from the Ace Trades system are nothing short of amazing. But more importantly I would have not filled my mind with a bunch of useless trading facts which I now have to unlearn. JJ -November 2010 I've never been so confident about my trades Ace, I've never been so confident about my trades. Indicators all show you what HAS happened, then when you get into the move it's too late! I have been trading about 8 years and must admit when you told me to get rid of all the indicators I had and just use clean charts I thought you were nuts. You are truly a gifted teacher, thank you for the pleasure and privilege of lifetime membership.

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The lack of lagging indicators has increased my success rate tremendously. Pretty hard to argue with. This is why I say it should be the first course you take. Using your system, I made four trades this morning of five contracts each in the S P futures (ESZ11 all of which were winning trades. It's pretty amazing - I can't wait till I have more training sessions under my belt. If you are serious about trading full-time, this program will change your life! Identifying No Supply after Strength has appeared.

No trading plan is 100 but my odds of winning have greatly increased since joining you and your group. As you know, I'm new to trading and just wanted to learn how to be a consistently profitable trader. I couldn't believe how he was able to trade with such accuracy, and without indicators. This has improved my odds of winning and being on the right side of a trade. I have spent years and A LOT of money on systems and indicator training and nothing works like your keys! Once again, thank you very much Ace! I prefer to know what the market is going to do, not let an indicator tell me after the fact.